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Rollerblading with your dog

Rollerblading with your dog? Seems somewhat dangerous? Well, actually it is. Rollerblading with your dog takes coordination, talent, confidence and it is essential you understand your dogs obedience level. You need to have control over your rollerblading skills as well as have control michael kors handbags for cheap over your dog. Many are thinking that's absurd, but it is possible and is a lot of fun for you and for your dog as well. Rollerblading is not for everyone, therefore, it's advised to have mastered the skill before taking your dog out.

You must consider your skill level before incorporating your dog into the mix. Several things to ask yourself : Are you able to stop quickly? Are you able to react and maneuver? Can you multitask (roll while changing leash hand to hand, then stop quickly so your dog can go potty)? Do you have hand eye coordination? Are you able to move around your dog when he runs in front of you and or scares easily from approaching cars and or other animals? Can you run in grass if you need to react quickly?

There are many circumstances to consider when rollerblading with your dog. The most important is to be confident and have control. Be aware of your dog's strength and conditioning as you don't want to run him into the ground.

The following guidelines should be considered when rollerblading with your dog :

Keep in mind weather conditions as early or late hours are typically best for your dog (dogs perspire through their feet; if the ground is hot, he won't be able to cool down).

Fresh water and bowl for you and your dog is essential.

Protective equipment is always recommended for you.

Don't forget the Poop bags.

A leash long enough to manipulate is essential as you will need to pull in and let loose at various times.

It's best for your dog to run on grass

Utilize a harness.

Keep your dogs nails trimmed short.

Talk to your dog and offer praise

Rollerblading with your dog can be enjoyable for you and your dog. Be flexible, yet have control over your dog. Watch for hazards, such as other animals, vehicles, children, etc that could get in the way of your rollerblading experience. Have fun and happy exercising.

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