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Also one of my bunnies has a cutright above his eye. It has had the cut for three days. It looked pussy right in the eye but eye started putting polysporin eye drops and now has very little pus. The eye ball itself doesn't look hurt. and the rabbit is still active and eating. Does a rabbit have a third eyelid? Is there anything michael kors for cheap else I should be doing for her? She also has a couple of very small cuts on her body but they are healing well. Could this have been from a fight? I have checked their cage from top to bottom and found two wires that could have also caused this.

Fun toys include any macaw safe chew toys, clean paper grocery bags filled with fresh timothy hay, clean cardboard boxes (glued, not stapled or taped) with bunny sized holes cut in the sides so they can go in and out and make the holes bigger. Bunnies also love things like old oatmeal containers and any kind of tube they can run through. :)

If the cut on the one bunny's eye is getting better, then just keep an eye on it for any sign of swelling. Betadine diluted to the color of weak tea is the best disinfectant, as it kills bacteria and keeps the wound clean and dry.

Any other cuts should be treated with betadine and watched carefully for any sign of infection. Be sure the rabbits aren't fighting, which unspayed/unneutered rabbits will do! Serious injury can result, and all the rabbits should be fixed:Rabbits do have a nictans (third eyelid), but it usually is not visible unless the rabbit is upset or feeling ill.

You can read all about what's best for your bunnies here:Rating(1 10)Knowledgeability = 10Clarity of Response = 10Politeness = 10CommentThanks so much for your time and good advice. I was happy to know My husband and I have been doing most of the things noted in the article. They are doing fine so far and we will release them soon if they continue to thrive. Again Thanks.

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