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Crossroad Keep with 1.4 million in Keep Funds.When the keep first comes into the PC's possession, the area is almost completely in ruins due to neglect. The surrounding areas and the keep itself must be repaired in order to attract merchants, peasants, and other recruits that will aid the PC in his/her cause.Lord Nasher grants the player a stipend of 70,000 gold to help refurbish the keep in order to raise further funds and prepare the keep for war. The player can also pay keep fees directly out of his/her pocket. Indeed, it is highly recommended that the player save as much gold as possible as repairing the keep is anything but cheap. Contains a locked drawer to store equipment.West Wing 15,000 gold. Grants access to the War Room which contains the key to the locked drawer in the personal suite.Library 15,000 gold. Allows PC to recruit a blacksmith and an armorer to improve Greycloak troop equipment.Merchant Shop 10,000 gold. Allows PC to recruit two general merchants.Fortifications Increases Land Security and draws more peasants which in turn bolsters militia.Patching up the Walls 25,000 goldReinforcing the Walls 50,000 goldBuilding Towers on the outer walls with arrow slits 75,000 goldSurrounding Areas Increases Road Security which in turn draws more merchants and funds.Widening the trail to the keep for merchants 10,000 goldCobbling michael kors cheap bags the trail 35,000 goldExtensive work on nearby roads 50,000 goldBridges and Watch Towers 100,000 goldOld Church Ruins Available only in Act III and can be converted into either a church or monastery.Church of Tyr 50,000 gold. Offers a quest for good aligned paladin or cleric PCs to acquire a special weapon. For evil aligned PCs, the church offers a chance for redemption.Sun Soul Monastery 75,000 gold. Offers a special quest for monk PCs to get extra training and feats.Tower Available only in Act III and can be used as either a headquarters for the Neverwinter Nine or a Wizard's Tower.Neverwinter Nine Guard Tower 50,000 gold. Offers a chance for the PC to spar with Nevalle and gain +1 BAB boost. Also has a merchant that sells items tailored towards the non spellcasting classes.

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