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How To Buy Designer Handbags and Purses

Designer handbags are not just for the rich and famous. More and more people are spending thousands of dollars to own a designer handbag. Why the craze over these unique fashion accessories? The fact is that the name of the designer has everything to do with the craze. The idea of carrying designer purses and handbags can give you a sense of feeling satisfied and a sense of pride.

When searching for trendy designer handbags, make sure you are buying from a reputable store or online dealer. There are many replicas of authentic designer purses on the market today and it can be extremely hard to tell if you're getting the real thing. Also, be prepared to spend a hefty price for your designer handbag. Here's how to buy designer bags.

For those who don't want to spend big bucks on designer handbags, BagBorrowOrSteal offers the option to rent designer handbags from them. BagBorrowOrSteal offers four different types of paid membership levels including Couture, Diva, Princess and Trendsetter. You may also purchase gently used designer handbags on sale from their outlet, which is listed on their website.

If ever in doubt when purchasing designer handbags online, review the terms and conditions of the website, which will explain the origin of the goods being sold.

If purchasing a designer handbag in stores, stick with reputable stores that sell high end designer accessories.

Nordstrom is a great store to purchase designer bags. They offer a wide variety of designers and styles.

Saks Fifth Avenue offers a wide selection of designer handbags ranging from Dolce Gabbana to Fendi.

Bloomingdale's also has a great selection of designer purses cheap michael kors bag ranging from Kate Spade to Michael Kors.

When paying big bucks for a designer bag, you're definitely paying for the name, but also for the detail that goes into the creation. If ever in doubt when purchasing a designer handbag, pay close attention to the construction details. Monograms should be clearly printed, not smudged, and stitches should be tiny and discreet, not clumsy and gaudy. You can learn more about what goes into quality fashion design by taking some online design classes.

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